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So much more than a room...

Updated: Jan 24

For the child in foster care or who has been adopted it may be their first room ever. The bed in the room we provide may be their first bed ever. A soft cozy place to lay their head at night instead of a floor, couch, or even a car. A place where they can play, laugh, and feel safe.

For the teen in foster care or who has recently been adopted, it may very well be the room of their dreams. That room they only saw in magazines or thought only “rich kids” could have a bedroom like that. A place to feel safe from all the hurt they have endured. A place to dream, feel worthy. A place of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

For the prospective foster family about to open their hearts and homes to a child in need. The room we gift to them means helping them conquer one more thing on their never ending to do list. Helping them design and set up a room for a child in a time where they are overwhelmed with paperwork, classes, and many unknowns about the child that will come into their home. A place that is furnished with everything a child needs to feel safe and thrive in their care.

For the seasoned foster family that has fostered multiple children over the years of multiple ages and may be ending their journey with adoption. The room we design for them may include helping them de-clutter and organize a space that has been occupied by several children over the years. Giving the child or children they adopt permanency, a place to call their very own. Giving the family peace of mind having an organized beautiful space to raise their forever children to their full potential.

For the foster family who said they would only take a baby, so they only have baby items. For the family who said they would only take teens, so they have a room set up for older children, but their heart was transformed. The call for a child of another age comes in and the heart wrenching story does not allow the family to turn away. They feel a pull from God like never before, and they say “YES” to the unexpected. We want to be here for them too. We want to help them transform the room from “their plans” to “God’s plans”.

So many children, so many needs, so many dreams. So many families and children worthy and deserving of beautiful rooms. Rooms that are so much more than just a room.

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