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Current Projects

Osborne Family Nursery

This is one of our biggest projects yet, but this family is so deserving of every bit of it!

The Osborne's have fostered over 20 children plus provided respite care for many others over the years and adopted 4. They work hard day in and day out to care for and advocate for children in foster care in NC. Gail is not only a foster parent, but she is the Executive Director of The Foster Family Alliance, an organization that provides resources and support for foster children and families across the state of NC. I guess you could say we are "trading spaces" on this project!


The Osborne family has answered a long-time calling and desire to foster NAS babies. NAS babies are babies that suffer from conditions when they withdraw from drugs they are exposed to in the womb. The Osbornes are maxed out on bedrooms in their home and desperately need a nursery for the two precious NAS babies in their care. "Petunia" and "Lil cub", as they call them! Home Sweet Hope has been given the task to turn a sunroom/sitting area off of their downstairs living area into a nursery for the two babies. With that being said, we are needing to install a custom door and custom window treatments to provide the best light control. To achieve this, we are needing an extra $1500 in addition to the other items on their wish list. This is a larger undertaking than we are used to, but we are hopeful that with God and our village we will be able to obtain the goal of providing these vulnerable children a beautiful functional space they need and deserve.

If you have the means to do so, please consider donating to this project, sponsoring an item, or sharing this list with others. Thank you in advance for your support on behalf of the Osborne family and Home Sweet Hope.

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