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Thank you for taking the time to take a look at Jordyn's wish list. Jordyn was adopted from kinship care. She recently expressed to her mom that she aspires to be a fire fighter when she grows up and would love to have a fire fighter themed room! Her mom admitted that she is not that savvy with decorating and that finances are tight due to her husband recently experiencing a serious illness that almost took his life.

Home Sweet Hope to the rescue!!

With you help and support we want to give Jordyn the room she dreams of. When we visited with Jordyn, she told us; "I know being a fire fighter doesn't pay a lot and it is dangerous, but Jesus was brave and went to the cross to save others, and she wants to do the same!"

We love Jordyn's heart already!!

Take a moment to check out the wish list for her room. Any amount of support you can give by donating or sharing is greatly appreciated.

Thank you village!

Custom Fire Fighter Room for Jordyn

20240318_163233 (1).jpg
Jordyn's Design Board.jpg
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