Current Projects

J and K's Race Car Room

Home Sweet Hope is very happy to announce our next room project...

When we first met these two boys and their foster family, it was at our garage sale fundraiser. They are the type of family that gives and gives and would never dream of asking for anything in return. As we got to know the boys, we learned that they LOVE anything with wheels! Well it just so happens we had someone donate a brand new car bed to us, which is absolutely perfect for any car loving little boy! So we based our design off the bed we already had and away we goooo...on to gifting a dream room for two very deserving brothers!

Please see our wishlist link if you would like to sponsor an item to help us create this wonderful space for these worthy children.

Home Sweet Hope is so grateful for the amount of support we have seen from our community. Thank you for being on this journey with us, for having a heart for foster and adopted children, and your willingness to bring beauty into their lives.