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CROSSNORE RECEIVES GRANT FOR BEDROOM RENOVATIONS Crossnore Communities for Children is the recipient of a $15,000 grant to support their Bridging Families© program in Henderson and Polk counties. HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (May 25, 2023) — Crossnore Communities for Children has been awarded a grant of $15,000 by the Perry N. Rudnick Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation of Henderson County. Pathway to Reunification – A Community Collaboration is a partnership involving three nonprofit agencies that serve foster youth and a local church. These partners are Homes for Youth in Henderson County, Home Sweet Hope in central North Carolina, Saluda United Methodist Church in Polk County, and Crossnore. This joint project is supporting two Bridging Families homes in Henderson and Polk counties. The grant from the Community Foundation of Henderson County will give us the resources needed to renovate six children’s bedrooms in these two foster homes. The bedroom renovations will be completed by Home Sweet Hope, a nonprofit that supports children and families experiencing foster care or adoption by bringing beauty into their lives. “BridgingFamilies is an innovative approach to foster care,” said Sarah Norris, Ed.D., Crossnore’s Chief Program Officer. “It is essentially a pathway to reunification borrowing from the best parts of our current cottage parent and community foster parent models.” Bridging Families creates a foster care model that increases attachment and normalcy for families, and provides a community of support and wrap-around services for children, families, and staff. The two homes are owned by Homes for Youth and Saluda United Methodist Church. Crossnore will staff the homes with professional foster parents, who will care for a sibling set in foster care. These Bridge Parents practice shared parenting with the children’s parents to increase the chances for family reunification. “Home Sweet Hope is honored to have this opportunity to partner with Crossnore Communities for Children on the room renovations for their Bridging Families homes,” said Staci Stepp, Founder and Executive Director. “Thanks to the support of the community, we will be able to design beautiful rooms for the children in foster care who enter the home. We hope these rooms will send the message to the children that they are loved, cared for, and worthy.” These renovated bedrooms will reflect the area’s culture and be neutral enough to allow each child to make it their own so they can feel at home while living in foster care. ## About Crossnore Communities for Children: For more than 100 years, Crossnore Communities for Children has worked to help each child find their way home. Crossnore serves children and families in western North Carolina through foster care and adoptions, outpatient and school-based therapy services, family preservation, and Youth Independent Living. For more information about Crossnore Communities for Children, please visit

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